Peacefully alone in the heart of the NorthEast Pastoral District of South Australia, with 164 km of unsealed road (and 23 grids) from the nearest historic towns of Burra or Morgan, the Quondong Homestead is an unexpected oasis. Quondong is a working merino sheep station, covering 365,140 acres or 1,477 sq km. If you want the pleasure of an escape from the modern world, hear the silence, experience solitude, see vast skies with unique clarity of light, Quondong is for you. At your private campsite, within our extensive woodlands, experience the night skies, alight with the stars, and then, awake to the cacophony of joyous bird calls. Spend the day exploring the vast, red landscape, letting the native animals and birds find you and learn about our unique plant life. At dusk prepare a camp dinner from the selection of Australian Native foods on offer and designed by renown Creative Native and Red Ochre chef, Andrew Fielke or join the station team around the fire pit to learn more about station life, more about the ecology on this edge of Gondwanaland.

Afternoon tea & garden tours

The gardens surrounding the Quondong Homestead complex are a pleasant surprise. Redesigned and replanted in late 2020, after the driest year on record, the central garden is now a lush Mediterranean oasis and the stone homestead, governess’s cottage, school room and “Long Q”, the old jackaroo’s quarters, now look upon this peaceful space. The winter garden, with the firepit is between the homestead and “Little Q” and is planted with thriving natives of the Western Australian Goldfields. The front garden of the homestead is planted with succulents, as we are always mindful of the next inevitable drought, and then to the south is the orchard. Explore this space and then join the station team in the garden for afternoon tea of scones with quondong jam, or home made fig jam from the orchard.


Breathtaking scenery around Quondong


A leisurely and intimate exploration of the natural beauty and wildlife of the area.


Explore the picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains on two wheels.


Over 95 plant, 100 bird, 60 reptile 23 mammal & 2 frog species!

Station with treasured history

Quondong Oakbank Station's history has been shaped by its lack of water sources. The Danggali people, who inhabited the area, extracted water from the roots of red mallee and hakea. After being brought to white settlements, the Danggali lost interest in hunting and eventually died out. The station comprises of two Crown Land Pastoral leases, originally four, which were historically unviable due to the expense of digging dams. Quondong Run was established in 1869 by Thomas Elder, who due to the lack of water became a land speculator. The current owners of the station, which carries Smooth Rolling Skin Merino sheep, acquired it in 2003.

The Quondong Mallee and Black Oak woodlands are a surprise to everybody. With an average rainfall of 225mm, these plants have adapted and survived for over thousands of years. The mallee is a group of eucalyptus trees that grow up to 9m with many stems growing from a swollen woody base called a lignotuber. The Quandong Tree is a hemi-parasitic tree drawing water and nutrients from black oaks, and both have vast underground root systems, stopping other plants from developing. Unfortunately, 75% of the mallee area in South Australia has been lost, making the areas on Quondong particularly valuable.

Visit Quondong Station in South Australia and experience a piece of history. The homestead, an excellent example of early Australian architecture, has an interesting history dating back over a century.

The property offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, surrounded by a diverse range of flora and fauna. The homestead is a beautiful and well-maintained example of early Australian architecture, offering a base for a memorable stay.

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