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Address: 15195 Eastern Road, Quondong

May I collect my own firewood for the campfire?

No. Quondong is a Pastoral Lease and as such the land and vegetation, both alive and dead, are monitored and protected. Please tread lightly on this fragile environment. Firewood is available at the homestead.

When can I have a campfire?

All open fires are illegal during the summer months and during the declared fire ban season.

What about rubbish?

Quondong is “out of boundary” and there are no local government services. There is no rubbish pickup. All rubbish left must be either burnt or buried. Neither is good for the environment, which we are trying to protect. Please take all your rubbish with you, including pull rings and bottle caps.

Are dogs allowed?

No, this is a very large working sheep station. We do not want your dog to get lost or to get into the sheep.

Do you have mobile phone reception?

No. All connectivity is lost approximately 50km from Burra on the Eastern Road and similarly from Morgan on the Morgan Mail Road.

Are the campsites powered?

The current isolated campsites do not have power or any facilities, just quiet and solitude.

Do I need to carry water?

Yes. This is the Australian outback and if you are stranded for any reason, you will require water.

Where is the nearest hospital?

The nearest medical service is at Burra, 164km away. Quondong does have a registered RFDS air strip.

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- Humidity: 82%

- Wind: 1.26m/s

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